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Colour Guard

Our safe colour guard treatment revives & restores the colour of dark fabrics.

Wrinkle Free Finishing

A finishing service keeps your suits & shirts wrinkle Free for a longer period of time.

Brightening & Whitening

It makes visible difference to the white textiles which turn yellow or grey over a period of time with added freshness.

Crispy Finishing

Customize how crispy to want your jeans, shirt& dress to be. We offer Professional pressing for a crisper finish & Clean Collars.


We provide starching treatments as required, light or heavy

Household Items

(Curtains, Draperies, Linen, Bedding, Quits) We also specialize in tablecloth cleaning and caring for your bedspreads, quilts, sleeping bags and more by utilizing the same environmentally friendly processes we use to clean your clothing, so that your household items keep looking new. Whether you have a linen table cloth with hard-to-treat food stains, or you're wondering what how to clean down comforter means on the labels you're reading, we have the tools to make your home items look and feel brand new.

Alteration Touch up & Darning

Don't toss out your clothes simply because they need expert alterations or repairs. Bring them to us for clothing alterations that will make your clothes like new again. We have a highly skilled and experienced tailor who performs all alterations & repairs in house, ensuring that the work is not only high quality, but also done quickly.

Bridal Gown Cleaning Service

Our masterful experts apply sophisticated techniques, taking extreme care to personally inspect, spot treat and hand-clean every gown individually. All visible and inconspicuous stains are removed to restore the most exquisite and delicate fabrics to their original, immaculate condition. Ornate details, including extravagant, hand applied beadwork, pearls, jewels and sequins are diligently protected, while being meticulously cleaned. Tears to hems and other damages, as well as missing or loose buttons and accessories, are mended with finesse by our expert seamstresses.

Shoe Laundry

Be it Shoes or bags, ladies or gents, at Refresh we take proper care in repairing and refurbishing your expensive luxury items increasing their life span and quality. Your shoes and bags need special care as they are not only expensive but also delicate. Cleaning, repairing and overall maintenance requires utmost care and attention.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are used to enhance the beauty of your room. However, due to continuous usage your carpets tends to get dirty and what’s worse, it may even start stinking if a proper treatment is not done. We at Refresh, are pledged to provide expert cleaning services and carpets are no exception for us. We provide highly professional carpet cleaning at a reasonable cost

o Dry vacuuming of carpets to remove dust particles.

o Dirt extraction and stain removal by scrubbing and shampooing.

o Thorough rinsing